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Google Chrome On Track To Overtake Firefox

by Scrvpvlvs
Jan 12, 2011 5:36 PM–Chrome could overtake Firefox in about one year.

The browser race is continuing to follow same trend that I discussed here eight months ago.

Browser Trend 2010 Market Share 2011 Market Share
Internet Explorer in the lead, but losing ¾ to 1 percent of its market share every month. Down from 6 in 10 users in April to 5.7 in December. Close to 5 in 10 by year’s end.
Firefox in second place, but maybe doing something more alarming than IE—braking: June 2008 growth was 3 percent per month, May 2009 was 2%, April 2010 was 1%, second half of 2010 was zero. Down from 2.5 in 10 users in April to 2.3 in December. Close to 2 in 10 by year’s end.
Chrome in third place, still the fastest growing; gained 11–12 percent per month through April; decelerated beginning in May to what looks like a new plateau of 8%. Up from 0.7 in 10 users in April to 1 in December. Close to 2 in 10 by year’s end.

Based on the trend, Chrome could be tied with Firefox for second place by the end of the year. But will it? One fact in favor is the upcoming release of Chrome OS devices in 2011.

Updated numbers and charts here. And notice in the charts: Internet Explorer has a solstice spike in July 2008, May/June 2009, and May/June/July 2010. Is this a yearly pattern? Maybe graduates entering the workplace and being issued PCs with preinstalled IE? Readers, any thoughts? Should I predict a solstice spike in the IE market share in 2011?

As before, historical data provided by Net Applications. “Top Browser Share Trend”, Net Market Share, (accessed January 12, 2011).

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by Blogger LakerMrB
March 27, 2011 2:11 PM–Firefox 4.0 is faster, but the other changes appear to be "change for change's sake." Terrible. Makes my work harder, so I just switched to Chrome. Thanks for the help customizing Chrome. I like it.  

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