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How to associate a Windows 7 file with a Windows XP Mode application

by Scrvpvlvs
Aug 9, 2011 11:56 AM–If you use Windows 7's Windows XP Mode to run older applications which don't support Windows 7, you might run into this problem. You have installed an older application into Windows XP Mode. You have a file in a Windows 7 folder that should open in the older application, but it doesn't. And, in the Open With dialog box, Windows 7 does not show the older application as an option to open the file.

The solution assumes you have Windows XP Mode's Auto Publish parameter set to the value Enabled. To check or set this parameter, be sure your Windows XP Mode desktop is shut down. Start, Windows Virtual PC. Select Windows XP Mode and click Settings. Check and set the parameter.

Now follow these three steps to associate your file with the older application in Windows 7.

1. Using your Windows XP Mode desktop, associate the filetype with the application.

2. Shutdown your Windows XP Mode desktop.

3. Start your Windows XP Mode desktop.

Now, when you open a file of that type from your Windows 7 desktop, it should open in your older application.


If Windows 7 already has files of that type associated with a Windows 7 application, there is one more step to switch to the older application.

1. Using your Windows 7 desktop, right click any file of that type, click Open With, and click Choose Default Program.

2. In the Open With dialog box, click the Windows XP Mode application, be sure “Always use the selected program” is checked, and click OK.

The file should open in the older application, and all files of that type should automatically open in the older application from now on.

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