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Do not cede moral high ground to Pope

by Scrvpvlvs
Dec 28, 2010 1:21 AM–Lying about what the Pope said only erodes the credibility that you need when you are legitimately criticizing him.

As an atheist who considers supernaturalism to be a mistake which often leads to tragedy, and who condemns the disgusting Catholic sex scandal, I must still say that the Pope’s address is being intentionally misquoted.

C’mon, freethinkers. Passing this crap around as if it were true is as dogmatic as believing the crap that comes from the church. Having the freedom to find out what’s true is useless unless you also actually do it!

When combatting immorality, it is important to keep the moral high ground. Wouldn’t it be better if the Pope were criticized fairly for what he actually does say and do. When people make things up (or pass them around without due consideration) they only piss away hard won credibility.

The Pope did not say, as has been claimed, that pedophilia is defensible, nor say that pedophilia was normal back in his day. He plainly said the opposite. He said that there were some who championed pedophilia in the 1970’s, that their theories were completely lacking in morality, and that the negative effects are still evident today.

Learn something about the pedophile movement here:,1518,702679-3,00.html and read the complete Pope’s address here:

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