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Geminid meteor shower TONIGHT: predicted to be best shower of 2010

by Scrvpvlvs
Dec 13, 2010 2:59 PM–The biggest sky show of the year may be the Geminid meteor shower tonight.

First, watch for an hour starting at sunset (5:25 PM in Fort Worth). Get a good view to the east and watch for "earth grazing" meteors. They are rare, but if you are lucky enough to see even one you will be amazed.

Second, watch the peak of the shower, which is expected between 2:00 AM and sunrise, probably centered on 5:00 AM Fort Worth time. Viewing conditions for the peak are very good: the moon will already have set and the sky will be mostly clear.

Viewing tips: dress very warmly; lie down flat and look straight up; do not use binoculars or a telescope. Geminid meteor trails can appear anywhere in the sky.

Interesting fact: If you trace a path backwards along a Geminid meteor trail, you will find that the path intersects what is called a "radiant point", an imaginary point located near the bright stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini. This is the origin of the name of this meteor shower.

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