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Falling In Love

by Scrvpvlvs
Jul 24, 2012 11:58 AM–She was fading now, she knew. She was a little bowed over, her spangled skirt had developed creases, her powder had begun to cake up. But, oh, how the others had fought for her attention! Well, her boys were prone to hyperbole, and she was not sure how to credit their stories. She herself had met none of her lovers. But her boys had told her there were none to rival her.

He lay still beneath her, waiting. He remembered the three times before. Wordlessly she had sprung up out of the cold and the wet, dropped one garment after another, curled up near him, and then blown away. He yearned to stab into her, hold her close, he whose strength had once bound trees together. But now he was wasting away, too weak to hang on to anything.

This blog post is a writing exercise from Visit the Writers chat room every Tuesday for new writing exercises. This week’s exercise: A short story with 2 paragraphs, no dialogue, containing a rusty nail, a tulip, and the word “spangled”.

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