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Eddys Found In the Space-Time Continuum

by Scrvpvlvs
Nov 20, 2010 4:27 PM–Ripples in the background glow of the Universe may be caused by huge explosions that occurred before the Big Bang, say well respected physicists.

Doctors V. G. Gurzadyan and Roger Penrose have circulated a new paper on the history of the Universe.

They are looking at the idea that the Big Bang is a recurring event. If their particular idea is right, then there were clusters of galaxies before the Big Bang. In them, super-massive black holes collided numerous times, resulting in violent explosions on an intergalactic scale.

Their idea predicts that these energy bursts were so huge that we should still be able to see evidence of them today in the background glow of the Universe---as concentric ring patterns, like ripples in a pond.[1]

The background glow of the Universe was predicted in 1948, and first detected in the 1960's. Since then, radio astronomers have been observing and mapping its features. (Click for a full size map.)[2]

The new paper concludes that concentric ring patterns are, in fact, faintly visible in the best maps of the background glow, just as the idea predicts!

This is a very interesting development in astrophysics, and I look forward to reading the reactions of other physicists around the world.

1. Photograph by Roger McLassus.

2. Map of the background glow of the Universe courtesy of NASA.

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