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Mom’s letter to the editor

by Scrvpvlvs
Apr 16, 2008 11:32 AM–My mother writes in the Des Moines Register letters section:

Our professed born-again Christian president who calls for democracy throughout the world has announced he will put in an appearance at the Olympics this summer. One can only guess at the gigantic taxpayer expense which will entail dozens if not hundreds of security personnel to protect him. Instead, why doesn’t he exert strong moral leadership by declaring the United States will boycott the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing, with other countries possibly following our example, unless the Chinese government allows freedom in Tibet? Does the Bush administration feel such a move would complicate Chinese financing for the U.S. to continue its immoral war in Iraq?

It could be argued, obviously, that many hopeful American contestants would have their hopes dashed after long arduous preparations, and so a boycott would be unfair to them. Their efforts could be recognized with a special parallel event elsewhere in the world, if China continues to stifle Tibetan freedom.

There is no easy answer. But for the president to visit the Olympics sends a clear message that winning is everything.

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