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Humans: More Inbred Than You Knew? [link]

by Scrvpvlvs
Sep 29, 2004 6:30 PM–

Surprising conclusions about human ancestry come from research just published in Nature. The entire Western world has Emperor Charlemagne as a common ancestor (A.D. 742–814) through one or more of his eighteen children. The most recent common ancestor of all humanity except those living in the remotest places on earth probably lived in early A.D. The most recent common ancestor of all humanity probably lived in 1,500 B.C., in eastern Asia. Before 5,400 B.C., all the family trees of people today are composed of exactly the same individuals.

What is the research behind these conclusions?

The full article is available from Nature: Human populations are tightly interwoven: Family tree shows our common ancestor lived just 3,500 years ago by Michael Hopkin (2004).

More about the remarkable genetic similarity of all humans can be found in an earlier Scrupulus: Shall We Breed Humanzees? (2004).

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