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Therapy the New Religion [link]

by Scrvpvlvs
Jun 24, 2004 3:51 PM–
Those recognising psychotherapy’s extraordinary spiritual status include Sydney-based psychoanalyst, Neville Symington. His recently published book, The Blind Man Sees, explores similarities between religion and psychoanalysis by “drawing examples” from Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, according to his website.

Religion and psychoanalysis “open people to compassion,” says Symington, by helping them transcend the limitations of “self-centredness”—the origin of various mental illnesses.

“Compassion is (fundamental) in all the great religions,” he says. “And in psychoanalysis, if you can get … someone (to) start communicating in a healthy (compassionate) way, then their mental disorders begin to dissolve.”

Admittedly, such disorders are keeping therapists in a profession that yields, on average, $140 per 55-minute emotional tune-up.

It couldn’t be put any more clearly.

He doesn’t say selfishness. He says self-centeredness. Are they different?

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