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The Potter’s Field

by Scrvpvlvs
Jun 22, 2004 9:55 PM–In the beginning, there were muddy water, wind, darkness, and a Potter.

The Potter made a place to work. The Potter formed light, and loved the light, and separated it from darkness. The Potter formed a great dome which made a space amid the muddy water. The Potter separated the muddy water under the dome into land and seas, and loved them also.

Then the Potter made plants and trees, lights in the great dome, swimming animals, flying animals, and walking and creeping animals. The Potter made the plants and animals to multiply, and loved them also.

Finally, The Potter made some animals just like The Potter, and those were people to rule the other animals. The Potter made people to multiply, and loved them also.

The Potter gave the leaves and fruits of the plants and trees to the people and the other animals for food. But after awhile the people stopped ruling. The people and the other animals on land became wild, and frightened and killed and ate one another. The Potter was very sad and regretted making them.

The Potter tried to start over with one family of each kind of animal, including one family of good people. The Potter saved them in a box, and killed the rest of the people and the other animals on the earth by drowning the land.

When the animals came out of the box and began to multiply again, they were still wild. The Potter saw that drowning the land did not work, and decided not to do it again. The Potter told the people to try to rule the wild animals by keeping them afraid. The people were allowed to frighten and kill and eat the animals. But The Potter ordered the people not to eat meat that still had life blood in it, and ordered that any person who spilled the life blood of another person should have their own blood spilled as a punishment.

The Potter lived in a palace at the top of the great dome. The people wanted to live in the palace, and they all cooperated to build a tower on the land so tall that it would reach the palace. But The Potter wanted the people to stay on the land and rule it. So The Potter had to keep the people from being able to cooperate. The Potter moved them all over the world, and invented a different language for each group of people. Then the people stopped cooperating, because they couldn't.

(To be continued.)

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