blunt essays with sharp points


by Scrvpvlvs
Jun 21, 2003 1:37 AM–

Have you heard her?
Mari, clad in blue and pearls.
Put her words to your ear and hear the ocean roar.
The rain drop.

Have you seen her?
Dia Anna, Queen of the Forest, Queen of Childbearing, Queen of Beasts.
She attracts and parts crowds with a smile.
Her eyes start fires.
Do not stand in her way.

Have you touched her?
Her flesh yields like a ripe peach.
I salivate.

A taste changed me.
Now she is my real food, my real drink.
I eat bread, drink wine, only to reassure my friends.

Mortally hungry, her mouths engulf me.
We feast.
Our bodies bend the grasses.
Hammer and anvil, a spark is struck.
Our blood ablaze, we fuse like Hermaphroditos.
Leaves burst from the Ashes.

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