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by Scrvpvlvs
Aug 28, 2012 4:03 PM–Even from behind, I sensed he was nervous. He walked quickly down the crowded sidewalk, with his coat shrugged high up and his head down.

Good, I thought. You can push them out of the way tonight, and I’ll follow. Nobody looks out for anybody, and the crowd tires me out.

I trailed him easily, all the way to 36th Street and down the subway stairs. Maybe somebody was looking out for me after all. He was still with me at the platform, elbowing his way to the front.

When we reached the ledge, he didn’t stop. He hopped down onto the track as I stepped into the space he left behind.

He turned and looked up. His shoulders relaxed, and there was an expression of profound relief on his face as he lowered himself to sit on the third rail.

I tripped once as we all pushed our way back up the stairs to 36th Street.

This blog post is a writing exercise from Visit the Writers chat room every Tuesday for new writing exercises. This week’s exercise: Flash micro-fiction (10–300 words in 0–10 minutes) on the topic: “walking to and possibly riding on the subway”.

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